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Support for multi-domain sites

This extension works really fine with single-domain sites, but when you are on a "multi-domain" site like deviantART (where every user, every group has its own domain), this extension becomes rather useless: if I set custom CSS sheet on my page (example.deviantart.com), extension will do its work, but when I'd leave to someone else's profile (another-example.deviantart.com)... the CSS that I would like to work site-wide ... won't work.

Žiga , 09.08.2011, 17:56
Idea status: under consideration


faqfaqfaq, 09.08.2011, 18:57
I'm aware of these problems, but I've been working on my other extension lately (websitemonitor). The thing is that this extension is pretty much wrong from the beginning in terms of design. I'm using localstorage instead of sqlite (that's just key-value storage) and if I want to change something major I may break your previous styles, but I will take a look tomorrow to see if I can add support for this kind of things without breaking anything.

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