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Edit loading order of sheets.

I figured that CSS sheets on the list you see when you click the icon are arranged by which loads first, since when I add my CSS sheet it appears the last, but after I refresh the page, it appears the first and is loaded the first — and this is the problem, as that sheet is no longer loaded last and is thus over-ridden by page default sheets. (Which I need to have enabled in order for page to display properly). I suppose that this would be a good addition for those of us who have barely basic knowledge of what CSS is.

Theon , 15.07.2011, 16:17
Idea status: completed


Theon, 15.07.2011, 16:35
Pardon me, I was a bit too hasty with the previous suggestion.

There's only one problem left: When I refresh the page (F5), my style sheet is ignored — or any changes I made: page is loaded with default style sheets - even if I disabled them before.
faqfaqfaq, 15.07.2011, 19:36
You can't permanently edit or disable the default stylesheets. This is not the fault of the extension, but a normal behaviour. The only way to identify default stylesheets would be by order or url .. but this is really inappropriate because they could be changed or a new stylesheet could be added.

About the loading order I really don't know how I could make your stylesheets load after the default stylesheets, but quick enough so that the page seems like it's loading with your styles.

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