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I'm having trouble with http://fuckyeahlink.tumblr.com/

Well, if you visit this site you can see that the font and it's size is just crap, I can't read that. Well, unfortunately for me, the extension button does not work in this site. After updating to 0.35 it worked for a while and then stopped working again.
Even when it worked I had trouble saving a style created by me. Each time I saved, I reload the page (or another post) and the small text was back. (and even see two clones of the same saved css O_o)

Zheitk , 06.07.2011, 22:40
Response from the site administrator
faqfaqfaq, 07.07.2011
It works for me .. remember to save your style.

font-size:17px !important;

If it still doesn't work just clear your local storage and refresh .. something really wrong must have happened :)
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Zheitk, 07.07.2011, 23:41
I tested with the last Opera (pre-12) and with 11.50 final. It really work's, until I reload the page or restart the browser, then the style are gone and the icon is unclickeable.
Zheitk, 07.07.2011, 23:55
By the way, I just tested with another random tumblr site, and it works perfectly, but fuckyeah still doesn't respond.
And about the localstorage, ┬┐that means deleting all of my personalized css sites?
faqfaqfaq, 08.07.2011, 07:44
Well, no. You visit tumblr, you press CTRL+SHIFT+I and go to Storage>Local Storage and delete styles that appear twice ( I don't know how it happened though ) and modify the array in includecss_styles correspondingly. Or if you don't lose to much, just delete all your tumblr styles.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, it may have some bugs, some that I even know of, but I'm currently working on another extension so I don't really have the time to fix them.
Zheitk, 09.07.2011, 17:23
Confirmed: deleting those duplicate styles enable the button again. I have 15 duplicates styles O_o. But sadly, after restarting opera with a style saved the problem comes again T_T.
faqfaqfaq, 09.07.2011, 17:26
don't know how that happened but I'm gonna check it out and hopefully submit an update by Wednesday .

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