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Add support page into extension

You should add feedback/support page address to extension.
Thus users can report problems and share ideas easily.

metude, 18.05.2011, 13:47
Response from the site administrator
faqfaqfaq, 18.05.2011
So it opens a new tab in the browser to this page when clicked ?
Idea status: completed


metude, 18.05.2011, 16:16
I made concept design; http://prntscr.com/1wau9
faqfaqfaq, 18.05.2011, 21:12
Good positioning, it will be in version 0.2. Thank you very much for your continuous support for this extension.
metude, 18.05.2011, 21:43
Inlude is nice extension & idea. But looks like peoples didn't see its' funtionality. This may need some time.

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